EP 2011

by The Bimarinal

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released May 1, 2011



all rights reserved


The Bimarinal Boulder, Colorado

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Track Name: You're Not Even Trying
He said "You're not even trying
You didn't listen to a word I said
I've been trying to help you"
She said "You don't understand"
"There you go sneering now
you're always off to someone else
Help me then to see your grief
don't leave me here by myself"

She said "You didn't even weep for him
when they carried him out the door
you stood still as a slab of stone
I fell grief stricken on the floor
I cried for days and days
I never once saw you shed a tear
I was in agony
And it seemed like you didn't care

He said "Is that what you think of me
That I'm a cold and a careless fool
Because I didn't show my grief
That I didn't care for him or you
How should i know what to do
I thought it best to show that I was strong"
she said "How can you call yourself a man
and not weep for your child that's gone"

She said "You went on as if nothing's wrong
You smiled, you laughed with friends
you asked me to be strong
I felt like I was near the end
Now it's to late to cry
you never know the right thing to say"
He said "There will be plenty of time for tears
and hearts are broken everyday."
Track Name: Move Me
Can you hear me, can you hear me at all
Say I’m lonely, I’ve been trying to call
Not for a reason, I ain’t got one
I needed affirmation I guess you’re the one
Give me a hammer, a bell or a song
Cause I already feel like I’ve lived too long

Move me, rock my boat
Or groove me if you got the soul
Bring me to tears, sing me the blues
Lose me in fears I could use good news
Shout it from the mountain to my open heart
I’m either near the end or I’m at a new start

Stone me, cast me down
Disown me, I don’t need this town
Bury me up to four, five, six
Send me through the forest across the Styx
Banish me to exile, I don’t care
I’ve endured so long I need to go somewhere

Save me, I’m falling fast
Or enslave me, I’ll have a place at last
Bring me to heaven, cast me to hell
I ain’t doing nuthin’ so it’s just as well
Point me south and I’ll drift to sea
Where I’ll rock and roll until it sets me free
Track Name: Daemon Lover
“Well met, well met, my own true love
Well met, well met”, cried he
“I just returned from the salt, salt sea
And it's all for the sake of thee”

“Well I have married a house carpenter
I have two babies also
What have you to take me to
If with you I should go”

“Well I have two ships out on the sea
All weighed down with silver and gold
That's what I have to take you to
If with me you should go”

She then went to her two little babes
She kissed them on cheek and on chin
She told them that she loved them so
But would never see Sligo again

It was one night as they sailed
On the far side of the sea
In the dark she spied his cloven hoof
And wept most bitterly

Well they had not sailed much more than a week
I swear that it was not three
When altered grew his countenance
And a raging came over the sea

“Oh what is that mountain”, yon she cried
“So dreary with ice and with snow?”
“That is the mountain of hell”, he replied
“Where you and I will go”